Thursday, 4 February 2016

Web Based School Management Software

Web based school management software is one of the amazing software which enhance the technology to improve the infra structure of school and colleges. This web based school management software runs in a dynamic platform which allows educational institute to manage their whole organization through web. It nurtures the interaction between school, teachers, students and parents in a most effective way.

The main features of web based school management software is to maintain the pay roll, attendance management, time table management, principal to teacher interaction, parents to school interaction,   parents to teacher interaction, teacher to student interaction, financial  assistance procedure, online payment acceptance of fee, access progress of child in each and every subject.

The main focus of Web based school management software is to manage the employee, classes, teachers, examination schedule, and financial management, keep records of students and teachers, time to time interaction of between parents, teachers and students. Maintain proper report of each and every functioning body under administration.

Teachers need to manage the students, record attendance, regulate classes by maintaining discipline. Proper follow of timetable, subjects record and notes, assign homework to the students and engage students in extracurricular activity.

Students need to play role in maintaining their homework, discipline, share notes among friends, take active part in cultural activities, and generate remarks from teachers.

For parents they must keep update of their kids progress, take part in parents teachers interaction, get alert from school administration or teachers about their kids progress.

Our Web based school management software allows creating a multi-level hierarchy.  Proper management of student’s attendance, regulatory examination system. Application allows managing all students’ data by generating various reports. Students can upload and download assignments and can evaluate online. Inbuilt messaging system to interact parents, teachers and students. Update important news, events and holidays. Manage Event with our event calendar. Upload and share your creative work in gallery. Notice board is available to get any notice alert. There is separate section for parents, teachers and students login in Web based school management software.

If you are interested to know more download our brochure from our website or you can even contact us on IFCON to avail the facility of web based school management software. You can also email us at sales[at]

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  1. Managing and handling the activities of schools manually is considered to be a difficult task. It is important to handle all the departments of a school for its proper functioning. A school management software automates the management process of a school right from student admission to examination management, course management, schedule management, and employee management. You can check list of the top web based school management software here:
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